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Memory Alive Interviews

The Interviews of Memory Alive/Stories of Dresden Community, took place on November 6th, 2018 after the exhibition, as part of the monthly programm „yOUR Community“ of the organisation “Kultur Aktiv” in cooperation with DIFO – Dresdner Institut für Fortbildung.

„After discussions with my host, we were searching for a common theme, focusing on needs of the local community and issues that resonate nowadays in the society and divides it, as well as about wishes to work on changes.”

The project „Memory Alive/Stories of Dresden Community“ consists from three activities: a workshop, an exhibition and video interviews.

The project idea was about sharing personal life stories, using memory as a tool, as a reflection mirror of the diverse societies we live in, the different pathways for understanding.

It was open to everybody who would like to share, but focusing on people with a background of escape, migration and difficult paths with priority on the participants participating also in the previous workshop to got deeper to their illustrated stories.

The interviews were built on three stages of sharing memories, starting with childhood, continuing with the question “Why leaving our home and country?”, with conclusion about the present and wishes for the future.

We brought the light of the past into the present and reminded us, how our lives have changed.

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