Jewish Museum of Greece in Athens

The Jewish Museum of Greece was founded in 1977, where a collection of Jewish artefacts, documents and manuscripts from the 19th and 20th centuries was located in a small room next to the synagogue. As the collection grew and the number of visitors increased, the exhibition was moved and reorganised until 1989, when the museum acquired the legal status of a non-profit foundation. In March 1998, the museum moved to its current location at 39 Nikis Street. 

From then on, the activities of the Jewish Museum of Greece continued to grow as a research centre with educational work on Jewish history and life in Greece today. The museum has frequent temporary exhibitions and a permanent exhibition that ranges from ancient inscriptions and Jewish artefacts, Torah cases, clothing and much more, to the documentation of the Jewish experience of the Occupation and the Holocaust in Greece. 

As one of the largest institutions representing Jewish life and history in Greece, it carries out many projects of national importance and in cooperation with branches of the Greek government and international cooperation. 

Activities for Volunteers:

Library (cataloguing books)
Archive (cataloguing historical documents)
Seminar assistance (taking notes, writing reports, welcoming guests)
Publicity (preparing social media posts, writing press releases) 

During the summer months, you may be asked to help at the reception desk, give short tours and look after visitors.


The museum is relatively small compared to other Jewish museums in Europe, but it is very busy and has many tasks and projects. Volunteers are needed to bring themselves actively forward and suggest their own ideas and needs. They should also have an interest in Jewish presence and history from ancient times to the present day and in educational work, as this is one of the main focuses.

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