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Memory Alive was created to illustrate and commemorate historical events during WW2, especially portraying the role of Greece, by highlighting experiences made by Jewish people during that time. The main goal of projects, such as Aktion Sühnezeichen Friedensdienste and Footprints in Silence, is the preservation of important historical memories and the exchange of crucial information regarding the experiences made by large marginalized groups of people…

    A pilot seminar like no other (Youth exchanges and youth work for multipliers from Greek martyr communities) There are more than 100 martyr communities in Greece. These communities are regarded as places of horror and suffered under the German Nazi occupation. All of them carry great significance to Greek Society, as they commemorate the traumatic […]
  • Stumbling Stones in Kryoneri
      “A person is only forgotten when his or her name is forgotten” – Gunter Demning The German artist Gunter Demnig initiated the project “stumbling stones”, which aims to commemorate the fate of people who were persecuted, murdered, deported, expelled or driven to suicide during the period of National socialism. A stumbling stone (square brass […]
  • Cultural Association Profitis Ilias Lechovo (Western Macedonia)
    Lechovo, a village near by the small towns Kastoria and Florina, is located in the middle of the northern Greek mountains of Western Macedonia in a beautiful hiking region at an altitude of about 900 meters. It is known for the highly developed stonemasonry and bricklaying craft of its habitants. The village, like the entire […]
  • Cultural Association Ligiades and Jewish Community Ioannina
    Ioannina is the capital of the northwestern region of Epirus with more than 100.000 inhabitants. The city was and is a center of Romaniotic Jews. They are Greek-speaking and their ancestors lived in Greece since the Hellenistic period. Since the 9th century there has been a Jewish community in Ioannina, which numbered more than 2000 […]
  • FILOXENIA in Kryoneri Korinthias (Peloponnese)
    The association FILOXENIA – Intercultural-Environmental Organization – was founded in 1995. It combines many years of intercultural experience with educational work in the fields of ecology, history and politics.FILOXENIA participated in numerous European and national programs and youth trainings and provided know-how transfer and support for youth structures in Greece.The association is based in the […]
  • Municipal Museum of Kalavritan Holocaust
    The small town Kalavryta is located 30 kilometers from the northern coast of the Peloponnese in a mountainous region characterized by tourism. This area is known for many ski slopes and beautiful hiking paths.Kalavryta is one of the recognized martyr communities of Greece. In mid-October 1943, the Greek Ressistance succeeded in capturing a reconnaissance force […]