Which Statement About The Purchase And Sale Agreement For Vacant Land Is False

a) Mark may insist that the landlord reduce the rent. b) The apartment can be converted into tenant-controlled housing. c) Accommodation can be unseated. d) Mark can be removed. 6) RESPA applies to all of the following IFAs: 11) What type of loan is commonly used when a seller does not accept a sale of real estate? (a) A borrower may not be entitled to a conventional loan unless he or she can make a 20% down payment. b) Private mortgage insurance is available for DHA loans. c) A borrower can request the cancellation of PK payments if the equity is 20% of the purchase price. d) A lender may continue to withdraw PK payments until the owner`s equity reaches 25%. The agreement gives buyers time to gather information on whether or not they can pay development costs.

a) A listing contract b) A personal services contract c) A sales contract (d) An option to purchase 1) What is the basic idea of a contract? a) Purchase of condominium b) Seller-financed loan c) Loan with a second mortgage d) Federal insurance loan 2) When a real estate agent prepares a sales contract and a lawyer makes changes to it, what is the true statement? 6) In which section of contract could you use the real estate address? a) Sara cannot fulfill this contract legally. b) it can fulfill the contract, but it cannot recover the serious money deposit. c) Sara can use a binder, but not a sales contract. (d) it may use this contract as long as it contains a lawyer`s review clause. 9) What do we call a person`s right to have the first opportunity to buy or rent a property? 3) What is the best instruction to set an occupancy certificate? (a) registration of rental transport is necessary. b) is also referred to as exclusive ownership. c) is not a binding contract by appointment. (d) it may also limit certain uses. 7) Jim holds a commercial lease.

Last year, its rent increased by 4%, based on a 4% increase in the wholesale price index. What kind of lease does Jim have? 3) A contract that no party can impose is 5) In what provision would a lessor describe what activities can take place on the ground? a) This action is perfectly legal in New York. b) The standard may enter into leases as long as a lawyer is co-signed. c) brokers are not allowed to enter into leases in which they are not involved. (d) Brokers have the right to enter into any lease, subject to the agreement of all parties. 4) RESPA gives the buyer the right to check the final settlement how long before closing? 8) Issues that are not covered in the sales and sale contract itself are generally dealt with with a) property sale price b) The amount of the mortgage c) The sale price decreased from the serious cash contribution d) The seller`s profit on the sale 6) An owner`s insurance generally covers all other than these? 6) Broker Sara enters into a pre-printed sales contract.

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