What To Look For In A Software License Agreement

Shultz says, “Mistakes are not a precedent.” Just because you did it once in a certain way doesn`t mean you`re doomed forever to reuse that agreement and repeat mistakes or ambiguities (or worse). Most software today contains open source components. Customers should position themselves to assess the risks associated with the service provider`s use of open source by actively asking whether the service provider has used or will use open source. In this context, the Customer must obtain the information from the Service Provider and obtain assurance that the Service Provider has complied and will comply with the terms of use of open source. Otherwise, the Customer must obtain an explanation from the Service Provider that he does not have (or will not use) Open Source. You should also ask the vendor to remove from the project any people you have trouble working with, and you should prevent vendors from reassigning or replacing project members during the implementation phase. .

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