What Is A Host Community Agreement

On July 26, CCC released draft guidelines for the host community agreement for public comment. The MMA submitted comments on August 6, arguing that such guidelines were premature because they could limit the ability of municipalities to contract for payments other than fees. The Commissioners agreed to ask CCC staff to request agreements from all applicants in the host community and to use public documents to obtain agreements that are not provided voluntarily. But commissioners voted 4-1 against a motion to review certain conditions of host community agreements as a condition of licensing. At the next CAB meeting on the 23rd. In August, commissioners discussed CCC`s ability to review certain conditions in any host community agreement before issuing a final licence to operate the marijuana facility. The Company or any “controlling person” of the Company as defined in 935 CMR 500.02 is required to provide the City with notice and a copy of any other host community agreement entered into for a branch in which the Company or any controlling person of the Company has an interest and which is authorized by CCC as the same type of entity as the entity governed by this Agreement. The Economic Assistance Coordinating Board approved the EDIP/TIF application on 13.12.16. The TIF agreement started on 01.07.17. A host community agreement is a negotiated contract between a community and a marijuana facility that includes all the conditions necessary to operate the marijuana facility in the community. In order to obtain a licence, a marijuana establishment must, as part of the application process, provide a certificate signed by the contracting authorities of the municipality and the applicant indicating that they have entered into an agreement with the host community.

Since Massachusetts voters approved a voting initiative to legalize recreational marijuana in November 2016, communities have faced a series of decisions regarding local action, some of which include passing laws and zoning amendments, limiting the number of marijuana retailers, and deciding on a local option tax of up to 3% on marijuana sales – all of which must fall under the requirements of law ü through public meetings. Once the community is willing to negotiate a foster care agreement with a marijuana facility, it must also do so in accordance with the Open Meetings Act. The Cannabis Control Board approved a guidance document on host community agreements, but declined a proposal to include a review of certain terms and conditions in host community agreements as part of CCC`s licensing process. .

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