Wbsedcl Agreement

The application form (Procedure A) can only be retrieved from the relevant PSPEDCL 5 agency. OR the application form (Procedure A) can be downloaded free of charge on the WBSEDCL website (www.wbsedcl.in). 6. The count is carried out according to the methodology indicated in the standard agreement for net-metering purposes, using billing software designed for this purpose. 4.Si the SOLAR PV panel and its protection system with the Concerned DM/Representative of RM synchronization system is found in order during inspection with the control team, the consumer must execute the standard agreement with the relevant DM/RM in dual-version buffer paper. Request from Earnest Money Deposit, i.e. AMOUNT EMD for the new connection with the jurisdiction of the electrical connection according to the needs of the contract is attached below: . The category of eligible consumers must meet the conditions applicable to the net measure provided by the scheme when solar photovoltaic panels are installed on the roof of its premises: an immediate letter of offer is generated in case of charge of up to 200 KVA. If the load is greater than 200 KVA, the next steps must be followed. The application form can be received by the intentional consumer with a written request addressed to the Regional Office for a Contract Demand (C.D) – 50 KVA – above, but OR For C.D. – 1500 KVA and more, the application form is to be collected from the central commercial department. The office in question issues the application form free of charge. Connection Charge and Security Deposit Services must be filed within 90 days of the submission date within 90 days of the offer being issued in the relevant Customer Care Center.

An agreement must be reached in the standard format . . . (i) domestic and commercial load with ——- contract application of 10 KVA and/or higher ii) Commercial charge with contractual application of 10 KVA ——- Rs 1000// or above Except i) and (ii) ——- Rs 200/Rs 200/Rs 200/- Applicant/user must complete all information on the application page and submit them. The application must be filed at least 2 days before the connection date. . 1) Is there already a connection (live/separate)? If it exists, then: (i) is the particular (new) premise physically separated from existing (old) premises with electrical wiring? (ii) Is there an O.S.D. against the old link? 2) Is the current system able to cover demand costs? 3) Is maintenance work required for the existing system? 4) Is there a Way Leave problem? 5) That the consumer has completed his share of the work, that is: availability of premises, installation of the main switch, installation of the grounding, wiring completed, etc. If a deviation is detected, it will be intimate in due course. . All documents are verified by the relevant agency and an offer is issued for Service Connection Charge and Security Deposit.

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