University Services Agreement

A contract is used to purchase goods and services for the non-federal unit`s own needs and creates a purchasing relationship with the contractor. Characteristics that refer to a purchasing relationship between the non-federal agency and a contractor are when the contractor: The task of purchasing services is to obtain the best overall value for the purchase of goods and services at the university; Ensure efficient and efficient purchasing processes Help departments comply with federal, regional and local laws Implement a strong internal control system and monitor compliance Providing opportunities for a variety of businesses provide excellent customer service for the university community. Purchasing Services analyzes department spending patterns to identify opportunities or savings, and helps departments make specialized or complex purchases. For merchandise purchases, follow the checklist. For service purchases, follow the service agreement checklist. It is essential that business owners properly determine whether the people who provide services are employees or independent contractors. For more information, click here on the IRS website. For the purposes of this type of agreement, services are defined as “small projects specifically designed” and are limited to projects providing services that include the classification, diagnosis or verification of a sponsor`s data, samples, mechanisms, procedures or products. These services are provided by academic resources, including staff, equipment or facilities. University service agreements are established by the General Counsel for the protection of the university. Each agreement must be concluded with prior service start. Provides goods and services in normal business. The university must recover all costs, including facilities and administrative costs.

The Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) is responsible for assisting teachers, staff and students in their efforts to secure sponsored research funding. In its role within the university`s research infrastructure, the PSO verifies, negotiates, supports and provides administrative oversight of proposals and rewards, as well as non-financial agreements relating to the acquisition of materials, information and/or data, in accordance with applicable laws, guidelines and regulations.

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