Tenant Pet Agreement Addendum

A pet supplement for rent is a legally binding document that allows the tenant to have a pet in the property, according to the owner. This document is important for owners, as there are tenants who have pets or animal lovers. It is important to have an agreement between the tenant and the landlord, leave the borders and keep the relationship stable. If you do not use a pet additive, owners and tenants may encounter the following avoidable consequences: Step 3 – Enter the number and type of pets that the tenant may have. Next, write down the number of books a pet can weigh. If the landlord wishes to collect a fee or deposit in relation to the tenant who owns pets, he must enter the dollar amount of this tax/deposit and indicate whether it is refundable or not. The contract also provides that the pet must always be under the control of the tenant when it is outside the living unit and is still on the owner`s land. In addition, it is found that the pet should not go to public spaces such as the clubhouse or laundry. By signing a written pet supplement, the landlord gives the tenant permission to have a pet at home. In exchange, the tenant agrees that he will be responsible for the pet and any damages If you are a tenant and want to bring a pet into your home, make sure you do not break the rules of your rental agreement and risk getting an eviction notice! Bring the idea of a supplement to your landlord and discuss it first. .

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