Tanker Oil Pollution Indemnification Agreement 2006

Download the full document: Stopia and Topia Agreement 2017 (pdf) In addition, STOPIA 2006 applies to all contracting states of the 1992 Fund, whereas the original STOPIA applied only to states that were also parties to the 2003 supplementary protocol. Finally, amendments were made to the whistleblower and appeal provisions of the agreement to address objections raised by individual states during the review at the DIOPC fund meetings. At the express request of some key states, which supported the revised shipowners` offer as a means of terminating the review, it was proposed to extend STOPIA`s benefits to all States Parties to CLC 92 in 2006. In 2006, stopia operates through compensation from the 1992 Fund and not direct payment from rights holders, another contractual mechanism would be needed to extend a similar benefit to the small handful of states that are contracting parties, but not Fund 92. A closer look at the practical difficulties was determined that there was no follow-up. An initial version of the provisions came into force in 2005, but revised texts, STOPIA 2006 and TOPIA 2006, came into force on 20 February 2006. Their full names are the Small Tanker Oil Pollution Agreement 2006 and the Tanker Oil Pollution Innification Agreement 2006. The Small Tanker Oil Pollution Innification Agreement (STOPIA) is a voluntary agreement between small tanker owners (i.e. 29,548 GT or less) and their insurers, whereby the maximum amount of compensation to be paid by small tanker owners is increased to SDR 20 million. It applies to all small tankers that are installed in a club of P-I which is owned by International Group and which is again insured by the group`s pooling agreements.

The first incident involving a vessel that entered stopIA 2006 was the Solar 1 spill in the Philippines in 2006. In this case, the fund`s 1992 compensation, which went beyond the limited amount of Solar 1 under the 1992 CLC, was repaid to the Fund in 1992 within two weeks of the Fund`s payment of invoices in 1992. The second incident involving a vessel that entered STOPIA 2006 was the Haekup Pacific, which occurred in 2010 off the south coast of the Republic of Korea, but no claims were filed with the 1992 fund for this incident.

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