Standard Hunting Lease Agreement

Typical clause: the owner reserves the right and has access to the property at all times and freely for all uses, including, but not limited to inspection, planting, cutting, thinking, maintenance and handling parts of the rental property. Note: Insert the language to specify if the owner can hunt on the property. If other rights of priority to the property (power line, adjacent owner, others) are allowed, identify them and indicate their right of access in the leasing document. Hunting land leasing is one of the types of hunting operations that can be profitable for landowners or that can at least cover some of the costs of the property. In 2012, deer leases in Georgia averaged $15.00 per hectare (between $10.00 and $30.00 or more). The example clauses mentioned here must be clear and not exhaustive. The statements or opinions contained here should not be construed as those of a lawyer or legal counsel. The concerns raised in one of the above clauses are merely a formulation of considerations in favour of adequate legal assistance. Disclaimer – Add a waiver of liability and a signed sheet (by all parties) that identifies areas traveled that have been described or certified by the owners or that have been reported by the landowner. Finally, make sure that each tenant or member of the hunting club signs and dates the document.

Make a copy available to the tenant (or designated beneficiary or hunting club leader). Typical clause: the lessor reserves the right to terminate this lease immediately and not to make repayments if, in his opinion, the tenant has not strictly complied with the provisions of this agreement. Can the landlord terminate this lease for any reason after 30 days? in writing to the tenant (s) and, in this case, to the tenant (s) a proportional share of the rent on the basis of the outstanding part of the lease. The Tenant understands that a letter of termination from Derkacht will be addressed to – by all the parties mentioned above. At the end of the notice period, all parties involved will immediately cease to exercise all rights under this lease. You can have the free hunting lease needed to secure your dream hunting ground! To avoid a hunting lease, hunting can also take place in a national forest and some state parks. However, interested parties should remain in contact with the Department of Fish and Wildlife (DFW) to ensure that they comply with local state laws. Local public permission may be required to hunt on public land, as well as additional permits and fees. The hunter will want to inspect the property before the lease.

Because of the costs associated with a hunting lease, there are several elements that should be taken into account and that can affect the costs, they are: a “hunting lease” is a contract between a hunter and a hunting ground owner.

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