Me And Abed Have An Agreement

Britta: Hi, hi, I`m Jeff`s father. Jeff: Good morning, Jeff`s dad. I`m Britta`s father. Britta: What? What for? Jeff: I don`t know, I got drunk, I didn`t have a condom, and her mother gets cheeky when she hears Oingo Boingo. Britta: Oh my God, I wish I could tell, but a bit like my son, I`m a gay closet. Jeff: Don`t apologize, you`re talking to the man who hit Britta`s mother. I do not have standards. Britta: Well, what are you saying, we`re going to have a tumble, I`m going to put on a wig. Jeff: That`s it, you`re in jail. I`m an infiltratable policeman. Britta: It`s not illegal to be gay.

Jeff: It`s here in Iran. Britta: Not if we`re in THE ZONE VERTE! Jeff: It`s stupid in Iraq. Britta: Well, what do I know I`m Jeff`s stupid gay father? Troy: Me and Abed have an agreement. When one of us dies, we stage it as a suicide caused by Firefly`s unfair refusal. We`re going to put this show back on the Air Buddy! Pierce Hawthorne: Do you have any idea how disfiguring it is? I`m not Mickey Rooney. You don`t have to cross your fingers to see if I show up. You know, when I was 30, people wanted me to die on my face. It`s respect. It was good and it should have gone on, but the best show? If you think I`m wrong, you obviously haven`t seen r/SummerGlau/ Shirley: I think the lesson here is that sometimes I use guilt as a weapon. Abed: What are you doing? Shirley: Oh, just shoot a talking head. Or did you want me to be the only one who doesn`t? Britta Perry: Where is he? I haven`t seen him all day.

To be fair… Without the fox fireflies, it would never have exploded… – Britta, you`re the selfless group, right? Britta: If I didn`t, I wouldn`t have thought of myself in years. Jeff Winger: Because once you say it, you may not need to say it later. Jeff Winger: We have an agreement to keep it low. Pierce: Since you`re going to be the new, black sheep in my absence – I`m sorry, it`s offensive – the black swan, I want you to have that. Annie Edison: Why should you keep it a secret? Don`t you want us to meet her? Jeff Winger: The greatest truths are not original. The truth is ketchup.

It`s Jim Belushi. Its role is not to blow our heads off. It`s within reach, and the truth is that I become claustrophobic when things become official. Britta: Do you know what Dylan Thomas said about death? Pierce: No, tell me. Britta: Okay, it`s a bluff. Troy: My third wish would be a million wishes, but I would use them all out of a million photos signed by LeVar Burton.

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