Four Agreements Espanol

Hello, I created a new lesson of Spanish from the book “The Four Accords”, The Four Accords is a book that changes life, which are four chords: in the four chords, Don Miguel Ruiz introduces researchers on the path of enlightenment into the principles of Mesoasord spiritual culture: the ancient Toltecs. In this book, we engage with Indian practices and ask to consider some of the essential issues that determine our life and spiritual power. Three eternal questions can lead us to discover our power and use it in a reasonable way. Miguel Ruiz reminds us of a simple and profound truth: the only way to end our emotional suffering and regain our joy of life is to no longer believe lies, especially about ourselves. This penetrating audiobook teaches us to regain our faith in the truth and to return to our common sense. I loved it. Easy to understand and hear. The narrator was very eloquent. Excellent motivating book that comes at the right time in my life . . .

Toltec`s knowledge is born from the same essential unity of truth, from which all the sacred esoteric traditions of the world are born. Although not a religion, it respects all the spiritual teachers who have taught on earth, and while it embraces the spirit, it is more accurate to describe it as a way of life characterized by its easy access to happiness and love. In fact, this book has been a wonderful learning experience and it is that at this very moment they begin to hear that so much power has the words and actions that you reconside to accept your actions and your philosophy of life with responsibility and gratitude. I`m loved! Simply spectacular, a great guide to begin the path of spirituality and self-knowledge. José Arcadio Buendéa and Ursula Iguarén love each other, but they are the cousin brothers, and they augur that their children could be born with pig tails. The curse haunts them day and night without rest. When the ghost of a man murdered by José Arcadio Buendéa, he and his wife decide to flee their own fate.

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