Code For Adoption Agreements

The adoption codes will be adopted from 1 January 2021. If you want to offer newly built or existing sewers and pumping stations to be accepted by us as public sewers, our engineering team will help guide you through the process and ensure that the facilities meet the required standards. We expect that, when the code is introduced, we will be able to ensure a more consistent approach to adoption agreements in this sector and information provided to parties who need this information. If you have any further questions about remediation options, please contact the team. Appendix G of the sewer sector guidelines contains the terms of the panel code. The code group (see point 3.8 of the code) is tasked with reviewing proposals to amend the sewer sector guidelines and the agreement on the adoption of remediation models. The companies presented Their revised recommendation to Ofwat on 7 October 2019, including updated versions of the water sector guidelines and the water introduction agreement. While we felt that the revised documents were an improvement over the original filings, the recommendation showed that a number of LLPs had raised concerns during the consultation on the revised documents and it was not clear whether they had been fully resolved. We felt that, given the obvious lack of consensus between both SLPs and DenK and water companies, it would be beneficial to seek further clarification from the SLPs who responded to the consultation of water companies on the revised documents. We have decided to continue this commitment by publishing a letter to SLPs asking for answers to a number of questions.

Our guide to offering private sewers available for acceptance provides all the information needed to provide existing sewers for acceptance. To apply for an existing sewer system, please complete the application form (PDF 122 KB will be opened in a new window). The Water Act 2014 also introduced amendments to WIA91 that require Ofwat to adopt legal codes for adoption agreements for companies operating entirely or primarily in Wales. However, in March 2019, the Welsh Government decided to delay the start of these changes in order to await the entry into force of changes to the governance of the water sector resulting from the Wales Act 2017, which is expected to take place in April 2022.

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