Amigo Loans Sign Agreement

These terms and conditions of sale are part of the agreement between you (the borrower mentioned in the fixed-rate loan agreement) and us (Amigo Loans and also to whom we transfer this agreement). This contract is guaranteed by the guarantee and exemption of your guarantor. The loan amount is transferred to your guarantor`s bank account, which helps prevent fraud. Once the loan is received, the guarantor is required to pay the loan directly or to your instructions. Some of the words in this agreement are defined and you will find the definitions in the “Definitions” section. You agree that if any part of this Agreement is invalid or cannot be enforced, it will not affect any other part of this Agreement. “guarantor” means the person who has agreed to guarantee us the full repayment of your loan if you do not make payments due and whose name and signature appear on the guarantee and compensation. Look at the other rewards we`ve won: “guarantee and indemnification” means an agreement where the guarantor agrees to be liable for your debts if you break that agreement and to compensate us for any losses. The municipal inspectorate is also looking at how Amigo, which offers collateral loans at an annual interest rate of 49.9%, assessed customers` creditworthiness. Because our collateral loans are based on trust, you can get an unsecured bond, even if you or your guarantor don`t own your own home. Our loans are not guaranteed, so we cannot accept real estate or objects as collateral. You agree to pay us the amount you have borrowed, including interest and other fees, in instalments on the agreed monthly payment date. These payments are very important and you will violate this agreement if you do not do so.

We may change the terms of this agreement and will notify you of any changes we make. We may make appropriate and proportionate changes to reflect the following: “Account” means the Amigo Loans account that will be opened on your behalf when we sign this Agreement. If you are in arrears with a payment, we ask you and your guarantor to pay the overdue amount by accepting an amount using the debit or credit card data authorized to be used in accordance with this Agreement. Amigo Loans offers its customers online account management where you can make payments and manage your account. As with other collateral lenders, amigos loans are equipped with the standard health warning for collateral loans. Collateral loans are a solution that is suitable for people with very specific circumstances, but if you think you can`t pay your repayments, don`t put any friends or family members in the position where they need to pick up the bill for you. Amigo Loans` interest rate is also good compared to many consumer credit cards that often hide behind “headline rates” that only apply to a portion of customers, and even then, this effective annual interest rate can reach a significantly higher value when taking into account payment fees and management fees…

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